Wind Ups

Getting bored sitting in office? How about a few wind ups you make during your lunch hour and reveal the secret at the end of the day. Mind you, you dont have to waste any time trying to come up with a joke that will keep the telephone running for a couple of minutes.  After all, not everyone can crack a joke.

Regular jokes are no fun. If you have noticed from most stand ups, people have a liking for sexual jokes. Also, what they say about guilty pleasures is always true. Hence, dial on to one of the pre-recorded wind ups website and dial sexual wind ups as they are likely to be heard till the last minute. Were you to try few wind ups yourself, the receiver may slam the phone down in a few seconds time  and the fun would be lost. There is quite a chance that the friend may even discover it was you and it may not go down well with him/her.

Wind ups are fun if you can hold a conversation. With this mind, brings you saucy wind ups you wont be able to resist. Pre-recorded messages jokes to be played on men might include something like  ‘Do you miss me, coz I do miss you in bed and everywhere else’ as well as wind ups to be played on women recorded in male voices like ‘Does your husband know what you want of mine?’.

The person on the receiving end does not have any way of knowing it is a recorded message and hence, it will haunt them till you tell them. Lot of times when you know your friend does not know about the joke, you can secretly have a laugh at the erotic message played on them. Also, such wind ups will make a bachelor party more fun. Wind ups are true to their definition by winding up a person  with a joke any time of the day. Wind ups can be even more fun if you have a boss who has being mean to you and you want to have a little fun between your meeting.

The advantage of not being found out lets you have the freedom of calling whoever you want. Have a little fun at your party by calling a few friends mutually with saucy wind ups being played on them odd hours of the morning. Services providing these wind ups constantly update their collection so that you can have more variety of jokes. Another thing about these wind ups is that you also enjoy some humor before you crack it on someone.

Forgot about plotting a funny scene or cracking a joke. Lot of times it may even back fire on you. Instead pay a little for humor and have the last laugh. Such services are huge hits with crowds. So stop sitting on the fence and scare one of your friends out of their beds. If he/she happens to be married, it is unlikely they will be going to bed any time soon.