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If you’re looking for the funniest and sneakiest way to wind up your friends, then prank calls will make it happen! Prank calls are the classic way to wind up your friends and get lots of laughs anytime you want. It used to be that you had to disguise your own voice and
call from a random phone to pull off a good prank call, but now you can use the internet to create the perfect customized prank call and wind up your friends like never before!

When you wind up your friends using online prank call soundboards, they will hear the phrases, sounds, and voices that you have selected on the soundboard. You choose the sounds or conversations you like best, put in their phone number, and listen in on the line to hear their responses and laughs! When you wind up your friends using an online soundboard, they will have absolutely no idea who is calling them and will be totally
confused about who prank called them. You might make them wait a few days to find out who prank called, or you might tell them immediately after to surprise them while they’re still laughing from the call!

To wind up your friends using prank calls, all you have to do is know their phone number. Because you can also prank call on mobile phones, you may want to choose a time when they will be in an interesting situation to have them hear the prank. If you wind up your friends using prank call soundboards, you’d better be prepared for the biggest laughs
and best fun you’ve had in a long time!