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Prank soundboard

How to use a prank soundboard

If you want to pull the most hilarious and shocking prank phone calls on your friends, try using a prank soundboard! A prank soundboard lets you choose from a whole list of hilarious prank conversations that your friend will respond to when you have them on the phone. Prank soundboards are easy to use, and you can even use them to call your friends on their mobile phones!

When you use a prank soundboard to play a joke on your friends, you start by choosing the prank call theme you like best. There are countless options on any prank soundboard so you can pick one that will be especially funny for the friend you’re about to prank. Once you’ve selected your favorite prank, you put your friend’s phone number in to the prank soundboard and listen in as the call takes place. What your friend doesn’t know is that you’ll be listening in while they have a complete conversation with a pre-recorded professional phone prank!

Using a prank soundboard is by far the most popular and hilarious way to wind up your friends and pull off the most amazing prank ever! You’ll be able to customize the prank you pull on your friends so that the prank they hear will be something they will find funny. You can even use a prank soundboard to play a joke on your friends on their mobile phones. Imagine catching them off guard at an interesting time with the best prank call they’ve ever heard!