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One of the most popular ways to pull a great joke on your friends is through prank phone calls. Prank phone calls work when your friends answer their phones expecting a normal conversation, but instead getting a hilarious joke when they least expected it! There are many great ways to do prank phone calls, and thanks to the internet your creativity
is the limit when it comes to winding up your friends whenever you think they need a good laugh.

Prank phone calls work best when you use an online prank soundboard. These soundboards are loaded with phrases, voices, and sound effects that will leave your friends laughing for hours! When you put your friends phone number in to the prank calling system, you’ll get to choose which soundboard to use and what sounds or phrases they will hear. Most soundboards for prank phone calls are set up to run just like a normal conversation to keep your friends talking and laughing during the entire joke.

The great thing about prank phone calls done using a joke soundboard is that you will be secretly on the line listening in to every part of the call! You’ll know all of their funny responses and will hear how they react to the things the prank phone calls soundboard plays them!

When you get your friends on the phone for prank phone calls, all you have to do is click on various sounds on the soundboard and your friends will hear everything as though it were an actual conversation! There’s no better way to pull off the best prank phone calls!