Terms and Conditions

Wind Up Your Friends are best when played on friends, you’re more likely to select an appropriate prank if you know them. It doesn’t harm the spirit of the joke in any way if you let them know it was you that pranked them! Quite the contrary, it can improve the whole experience.

To keep everyone safe and in the spirit of which this service is intended, Wind Up Your Friends would like to ensure you read & follow to these simple rules:

1. The ‘victim’ or recipient of the prank call or telephone wind up is over 16 and known to you before you place a call. Do not prank random numbers.
Please note we use the word ‘victim’ in a jovial sense only and not as anything sinister.

2. You must ensure that the person you are about to play the wind up on is of sound mind and both physically and mentally capable of receiving such a call.

3. You must also ensure the recipient will not be offended by the wind up call and its content. Some jokes contain material of a sensitive adult nature. You MUST ensure that they will not be offended or harmed in anyway.

4. That you do not use the service to harass anyone, for example: calling the same person over and over, it can be an offence. If you don’t get hold of them or they don’t want to engage in the windup, then simply move on. Perhaps make a list of people you’d like to prank before calling.

5. You should NOT use this service, under any circumstances, to call any of the emergency services, help lines, customer services departments or charity organisations. Commonly known emergency services numbers have already been restricted.

6.  The owners of Wind Up Your Friends accept no liablilty for the missuse of the service in any way. By using the service you are taking responsibility for your actions.

This service is monitored and not for malicious use.  But if you follow your common sense & these simple rules, both you & your ‘victims’ will have lots of fun!

Prank Call Terms & Conditions