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Here’s what you do simply call our Joke-line on the number shown and listen to our list of fantastic “wind-up” topics.

Follow the easy step by step instructions and have the best laugh ever as your mate receives the call from our service – you hear all that’s said – but they can’t hear you!! no matter how loud you laugh !!Its the craziest way to get one over on your friend’s.

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Jokes Available

Stolen Mobile Prank

Your mobile has been reported stolen. (Brand new wind up)

Someone has reported their mobile as being stolen and they receive an  automated message telling them their mobile will be cut off in five  minutes…

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 1

Stolen Mobile Prank Call

Sex Clinic Prank

Sex Disease Clinic. (Very popular existing wind up)

An ex-girlfriend has caught something nasty and has been to the  clinic. Now a Dr from the clinic is ringing up all her ex-boyfriends to  see if they have had any of the symptoms . . .

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 2

Sex Clinic Prank Call

Wrong Number Prank

Is Quentin There? (Brand new wind up)

The victim will get a call from someone looking for a chap called  Quentin. She’s pretty rude when she hears it’s a wrong number. Then when  they put the phone down they immediately get another call from someone  looking for Quentin and another and another until they finally get a  call from Quentin who is very pissed off that the victim hasn’t taken  any messages…

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 3

Wrong Number Prank Call

Phone Engineer Prank

Phone Engineer (very popular existing wind that’s been updated)

They get an automated call from the local phone exchange as someone  has reported their phone number (it reads it to them) as being faulty.  They are informed that it will need to be tested by the local exchange  voice calibration system, could they just repeat a few word and phrases .  . .

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 4

Phone Engineer Prank Call

Returning Call Prank

I’m Returning your call (Brand new wind up)

A quick ‑re joke that results in multiple calls from the same guy and  he is not happy bunny because he is right in the middle of something . .  .

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 5

Returning Call Prank Call

Internet Order Confirmation Prank

Automated Order Confirmation Service (Brand new wind up)

The victim gets a call confirming their ‘order’ from a dodgy internet  site, somehow they have got his name and are going to deliver the dodgy  items to his home today in ten minutes, unless . . . This wind up plays  the victim their own name and the current date and time.

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 6

Internet Order Confirmation Prank Call

Radio Show Prank

Hi, you’re live on the Radio (Brand new wind up)

It’s a radio producer and they are going to be live on the radio in  30 seconds because an ex-partner of theirs has rung in the show and  answered three questions. If they get them right they win a luxury  holiday with the mystery ex-partner. Oh and please don’t swear because  it’s live . . .

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 7

Radio Show Prank Call

Dating Agency Prank

The Dating Agency (Brand new wind up)

They get an automated call from the dating agency because someone  signed them up and registered a voice mailbox for them. Their advert has  already attracted some messages from likely partners then the system  plays the messages and asks them to record a response . . .

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 8

Dating Agency Prank Call

Reality TV Prank

It’s reality TV (Very popular existing wind up)

There is a new reality TV Game Show about to be launched in the UK called One Touch is Too Much! And one of the first contestants has just dropped out. They need a new contestant who is up for a laugh and doesn’t mind being stuck in a house with five lap dancers whose only job is to get the guy to touch them or worse! Laugh as they ask the victim about his sexual preferences and whether he likes girls to call him daddy.

UK – 0906 664 0065 – Choose Prank 9

Reality TV Prank Call