Everyone loves a prank call!  It is just hilarious to make a prank call to a friend, but the real problem is getting through the call without giving it away by laughing.  It is almost impossible not to laugh when you hear your friend stammering or getting mad.  This little problem can be easily solved by making an online prank call instead.  An online prank call is one that is actually a recording that calls your friend and winds him up while you get to listen in on it.

An adult sex online prank call is one of the funniest you can pull.  There is a website called that has the best collection of prank calls anywhere.  Making an adult sex online prank call from this site will fool your pal completely and leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Here is how the online prank call works:  you go to the site and choose from one of their huge collection of online prank calls.  When you have found just the right one, you call a number that is given to you on the site.  Of course, there is a nominal charge for the call.  Then you put in your friend’s phone number.  You are listening in, and when your pal answers his phone, you press the # key on your phone to begin the recording.

After this, the online prank call begins.  You will be able to hear everything that is said, but your pal never knows you are there or that you are the one who has called him.  You can laugh your head off and he will never know a thing.  You can let him in on the joke sometime if you want, but otherwise he will never know who did it.

Some of the raunchy ones you can choose from include one that features a woman telling your pal that he has made her pregnant, complete with crying.  Listen as he tries to get out of that one!  You can also choose a call from a porn monitoring company that accuses him of watching porn on his computer.  These are just two of the adult sexual online prank call selection available to you to choose from.  Each online prank call is funnier than the next.

These calls have been selected over years by professionals to be the funniest and most realistic you can find anywhere.  The online prank call ends when either you or your pal hangs up.  He will never know that you are listening to everything.  You can laugh until you cry and he will never hear you doing it.

When you just can’t be as funny as you wish you could be, or when it is just impossible to get through a prank call without giving yourself away by laughing, these funny, crazy and adult prank calls will be just the ticket for you.  Go check out the site and let the fun begin!

Making prank phone calls to friend can be a really funny thing to do.  The problem is that, usually, it is nearly impossible not to give yourself away because you just have to laugh. The entire situation is just so funny that you cannot not laugh, and the minute that you do, and then your friend knows what is going on.  What you may need is to use joke telephone numbers to allow you to pull the perfect phone prank on your friends.

Websites have been providing joke telephone numbers to pull pranks for years, but no website can compete with for the best jokes available.  This site got some real wind-ups for you, especially if you like some adult sex situations pulled on your friends!  Their adult sexual joke telephone numbers are just the best.

This site has sorted through the many jokes that are available and created a great collection of the best in adult sex joke telephone numbers. Of course they do charge you a small amount of money for the call.  But it is well worth it to hear your friend panic at the prank call.

Once you select which of the joke telephone numbers you want to use, you will be able to listen to whatever is going on when your friend gets the call. Most of the jokes that are available here have been chosen by professionals and the way that they are made is so creative that your friend will never suspect anything unless you decide to tell him the truth someday.

The joke telephone numbers include ones where a woman calls and tells your friend that he has made her pregnant and includes crying.  You can also choose a joke telephone number where a supposed doctor from a sexual disease clinic calls to tell your friend that one of his women gotten a nasty disease and to find out if he is having any symptoms.  There are many more somewhat raunchy ones to choose from, each one more hilarious than the last.

The way that these joke telephone numbers work is that you go to the website and choose from the many possibilities.  Then you call one of the joke telephone numbers provided and input your friend’s phone number.  The system then dials your friend.  You are listening and when he answers, you push the # button on your phone.  This begins the recorded prank call.

You get to listen to everything that is said but never can your friend hears you.  There is no way for him to know it is you.  When either you or your friend hangs up from the call, it is ended.  Most calls last between four and five minutes.  These joke telephone numbers are simply so realistic that your friend will be left wondering and worrying about the call for days.

You cannot find better adult sex joke telephone numbers anywhere.  You will just love this service and will want to use it over and over again.

Getting bored sitting in office? How about a few wind ups you make during your lunch hour and reveal the secret at the end of the day. Mind you, you dont have to waste any time trying to come up with a joke that will keep the telephone running for a couple of minutes.  After all, not everyone can crack a joke.

Regular jokes are no fun. If you have noticed from most stand ups, people have a liking for sexual jokes. Also, what they say about guilty pleasures is always true. Hence, dial on to one of the pre-recorded wind ups website and dial sexual wind ups as they are likely to be heard till the last minute. Were you to try few wind ups yourself, the receiver may slam the phone down in a few seconds time  and the fun would be lost. There is quite a chance that the friend may even discover it was you and it may not go down well with him/her.

Wind ups are fun if you can hold a conversation. With this mind, brings you saucy wind ups you wont be able to resist. Pre-recorded messages jokes to be played on men might include something like  ‘Do you miss me, coz I do miss you in bed and everywhere else’ as well as wind ups to be played on women recorded in male voices like ‘Does your husband know what you want of mine?’.

The person on the receiving end does not have any way of knowing it is a recorded message and hence, it will haunt them till you tell them. Lot of times when you know your friend does not know about the joke, you can secretly have a laugh at the erotic message played on them. Also, such wind ups will make a bachelor party more fun. Wind ups are true to their definition by winding up a person  with a joke any time of the day. Wind ups can be even more fun if you have a boss who has being mean to you and you want to have a little fun between your meeting.

The advantage of not being found out lets you have the freedom of calling whoever you want. Have a little fun at your party by calling a few friends mutually with saucy wind ups being played on them odd hours of the morning. Services providing these wind ups constantly update their collection so that you can have more variety of jokes. Another thing about these wind ups is that you also enjoy some humor before you crack it on someone.

Forgot about plotting a funny scene or cracking a joke. Lot of times it may even back fire on you. Instead pay a little for humor and have the last laugh. Such services are huge hits with crowds. So stop sitting on the fence and scare one of your friends out of their beds. If he/she happens to be married, it is unlikely they will be going to bed any time soon.

If you love to play pranks on your friends and also love adult sex humor, then you will simply adore the joke telephone lines available on!  As a jokester, you already know just how hard it is not to laugh when you crank call someone.  It is almost impossible not to laugh when you are playing a joke on a friend.  Well, these joke telephone lines are the answer for that dilemma.

If you and your friends like a little spice in life, then the adult sex joke calls are just the thing.  For instance, you can make a call to a friend that has a woman telling him that he has gotten her pregnant, complete with crying.  And the beauty of this is that these joke telephone lines make it so that you can hear everything that is being said, and your friend can’t hear that you are on the line.  You can laugh just as loudly as you like and he will never know a thing.  Unless you decide to tell him later, that is.

Here is how the adult sex joke telephone lines work.  You go to the site,, and choose from their many joke calls.  When you have chosen just the right one for the occasion, you will call the number that is shown, and put in the telephone number of the friend you want to call.  Once you have put in the number, the system will dial the number.  You are on the line and you can hear everything.

When your friend answers his phone, you will press the # key and this starts the adult sex joke telephone lines system.  Your friend will believe they are talking to a real person.  You are secretly listening in to every word that is said.  The joke telephone lines are programmed to end the call when either you or your friend hangs up.  There is a per-minute charge and most of the jokes last about four to five minutes.

These adult sex joke telephone lines are the most hilarious you have ever heard.  Your friend never knows that it is not a real person, and best of all, they never know it is you that has called them.  It can always be your secret, unless you decide to tell him.  You will laugh your head off listening to him stutter and stammer.

Making prank calls using an automated system has been around for quite awhile.  But this site has the best adult sex joke telephone lines you have ever heard.  Their jokes have been reviewed by experts and been chosen to be the funniest ever.  They are so creative; no one who gets one of the prank calls will ever suspect a thing.

When you wind up your friends using these adult sex joke telephone lines, you will be the hit jokester of all your pals.  Not only do you get to hear everything that is said during the call, but you also get the enjoyment of hearing your friend tell you later about the crazy call they received.  Try out their  adult sex joke telephone lines on a friend today!

Thinking about making some naughty joke calls to few friends? Well, you do not have to think twice any longer. Lot of times, you may have spent an hour over the context of the joke and who will make it. Instead now, you can simple make joke calls using a pre-recorded service. Take your pick from among the joke calls and choose a friend number to receive it.

The advantage of making naughty calls is that you have no way of being found out. Think about your married male friend receiving a call at work from a sultry woman’s voice. Can you imagine his face? Better yet at a conference? Naughty joke calls today are quite adult rated and can pan out from anything like ’Hello there, why keep me waiting here in the washroom cubicle, all naked? Come here fast and we can have a little fun?’.

You have a wide variety of naughty joke calls ranging from flirty to absolutely explicit wordings. You can choose male voice recorded joke calls or those in a woman’s voice. The best aspect of making these joke calls is that they will not leave any trace of you and you can keep your friend in surprise till the day you decide to tell him.

Naughty joke calls are recorded just like any joke calls and the person on the receiving end won’t know it is pre-recorded. Fortunately these naughty joke calls can be made at any time of the day by simply logging on a website providing them. Most joke calls service providers require you to buy a membership of a nominal amount or pay for each joke. is a website that provides you with various joke calls. Compared to a night of fun or a moment shared with friends the cost is hardly anything. If you have a lady friend, choose a funny joke like ‘Hey Lady, want to meet me again at the bar tonight? Last night was fun’

Most people go in to a state of shock after hearing a sexually charged message. Also, if there is any truth to their naughty pleasures, joke calls may just set them hyperventilating. Websites or services that provide naughty joke calls are making it a point to stir clear of any run of the mill jokes. The novelty is in something new and surprising and before you know, you might be enjoying hearing these joke calls yourself.

If you are having a party at your place, you can think about making these joke calls to quite a few people present there as a surprise element. For a wife or husband, this might be a great way to test each other’s loyalty. Send a couple of joke calls to your husband and observe his face. You may not get over the fun you had doing this for a lifetime.

Jokes should not be hard to crack and so is understood by websites providing joke calls.  Pick a dear friend’s number and have a little erotic fun at their expense.

Dirty hilarious prank calls are the best ever. If you have an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you can pay them a visit with dirty hilarious prank calls without them even knowing it was you. Heard about Well, if you haven’t, you are not aware enough.

This is your chance to spice up your party with a few hilarious prank calls. There is not a person in this world who does not like hilarious prank calls. We have all at some point or the other in our life made hilarious prank calls. Since  we have moved away from them ever since we grew in to adults, it is about time everyone tried it again. Only this time, it would be sexual hilarious prank calls.

Your ex boyfriend might have been a lover boy and since you know how he would stay up to talk to a sexy girl, choose a couple of hilarious prank calls from this service to surprise him in a day. How much fun can it be to be talking to a pre recorded message? Well, but he does not know it, does he? The latter is the best part of hilarious prank calls from the service as well as the fact that you can have a little fun at your ex boyfriend’s expense and not be caught up for it.

Hilarious prank calls can be fun if you are having a slumber party. Choose your neighbors just like you used you in your childhood and you can have a little harmless fun. Is the old chap in your neighborhood  perverted? He sure will appreciate few dirty hilarious prank calls from a sultry voice asking him to a few things. You may choose anything as outrageous as ‘Get naked for me’ to be told to him and be followed in coversation with ‘ I want you to undress me now’.

Trust us when we say you will enjoy looking at his face in the morning. But, the best aspect of any hilarious prank calls is if you can look at the person’s face while they are being receiving the call. Hence, ask a friend to send a few hilarious prank calls to your teacher’s cell phone or ex boy friend’s when they are talking to you. You wont be able to detain them even if you want to. Hilarious prank calls are harmless. To add a little humor to your life, this service of erotic hilarious prank calls helps you enjoy an occassion having a blast. Cousins gotten together or girlfriends having a little fun will always be cherished with well executed hilarious prank calls.

Don’t let yourself shy away from hilarious prank calls when you have the disposal of so many pre recorded ones available to you. You may not use the service every day or once a week but when you do get together with your friends, buy few hilarious prank calls to be delivered to whoever has been making your life miserable. Before the service is known to many, use the pre-recorded messages to crack a joke on someone you do not like at all.

Is a birthday any fun without a joke, we think not. This birthday add a little more fun to your friend’s party using before he/she cuts the cake. If you are having a celebration between close friends, it becomes an even better opportunity to send a few crank phone calls to your friend on her/her birthday so that you can see his/her reaction and break the news later.

If you want to create a bigger impression with your friend, make sure you send a few electrifying sexual messages. If you can’t manage it, use the service to browse through their directories to find few the crank phone calls suited to your friend. Well, we can guarantee you will pick more than just a couple.

Crank phone calls are hard to resist. If  you have a mind to have some silly fun on a night with all your friends, we have a collection here to make it your night. Humor is everybody friend and hardly does any harm if you decide to have a little fun. If you are a few friends at the party, target a couple of friends together and you can all have a laugh the next day morning. Think about a male friend of your’s lusting over a woman who called him in the middle of the night. Want an ex boyfriend to get slapped by his new flame, choose a sultry pre-recorded message to be delivered to her phone talking about his sexual prowess in bed.

Crank phone calls are not just for the younger age group and can be enjoyed by some elder people as well. Adult jokes suited to people in their 30s and above are also on the site. Gyms and dancing classes might help you lower your frustration but then we recommend a little crank phone calls therapy. Most people underrate the power of humor and if you haven’t tried few crank calls to prove us wrong, you have’t understood what we are tyring to say.

A service which offers pre-recorded crank phone calls is a boon in today world. Forget about thinking twice before you use this service. Neither do you have to think about the idea or the execution. Just go through the website listings of the jokes and you can sit back and have a laugh.

Crank phone calls are unexpected by most and hence, you have an opportunity to take most of your friends by surprise. The service is already popular and if you think a friend is unaware of it, use the opportunity to send few sexed up crank phone calls his/her way.

You have the light flirty category and also, totally blatantly explicit sounding crank phone calls. Think about your friend listening to a sexy voiced male ask her about ‘what you is wearing’  and ‘could you take it off for me?’ This crank phone calls service gives you complete advantage and you can go rest assured through life without revealing the joke.

When you get together with your friends, most of the times you get drunk and get in to the mood to do something silly. Well, rather than regret being silly in the morning, make sure you have a little fun covering your steps. For adult men and women, you can’t really have fun with child like jokes or prank calls. Before you would know it, you will be hearing the phone slam down. brings you adult funny phone calls which will help you get even with friends or bosses or even someone you don’t like at all.

Funny phone calls especially those sexual in nature are more prominently remebered always. Therefore, when at a bar or table with your friend targeting someone you don’t like, choose a nasty sexual message or one that totally surprises them. Something like ‘I am pregnant with your child thanks to your filthy ****’ may be cliche but then it wont lose having the desired effect ever on anyone from the male fraternity. This might be a great weapon if you know a mean boss of yours does cheat on his wife. You may find him a little haggard looking the next day morning and might be able to get your promotion in when he is off his kilter.

Funny phone calls may help you even make friends. It can be a great way to start a relationship or spark a friendship. An erotic funny phone call at that can lead to a little fun in the bedroom. When on a date you can send a couple of erotic funny phone calls to get your date in to the mood and then take him home.

The thing about funny phone calls is that they can help lighten your mood after a hectic day. Have a few laughs and you will feel much better at the end of the day. Think a landlord is pestering you for rent? Next time he visits you, fire away at the funny phone calls to see his face react when in front of you.

Humor is rare these days with the stress and fast paced lives. Funny phone calls might sound immature but then there are times you will also appreciate them as well. Think about using funny phone calls to wake up few friends at night. Think your friend needs a little sorting out? Use funny phone calls from to give you a little help on the matter.

Funny phone calls highly sexual in nature might leave a friend anticipating a phone from the deep timber voiced male for a few days. It is up to you for how long you want to keep her in the dark. You may also add an additional joke to the fact asking if the same guy called you and her in the same week. All we can do is suggest you have a little fun with funny phone calls by enlisting yourself with the website. Go through their recorded funny phone calls and you won’t be able to resist.

Playing pranks on your pals are a fun thing to do, right?  Not much is better than playing a good, raunchy prank on one of your friends and watching them sweat.  The problem is that, especially when it comes to phone pranks, it is hard to pull them off.  You probably are going to end up bursting out laughing before you can get through the prank.  There is a website that can help you with some fun phone call wind ups that you can pull on your pals.

The site is and they have a large collection of fun phone call wind ups that you can choose from to fool your friends.  What you do is to go to the site and look around.  You have many pranks to choose from.  Once you have picked one out, you call the number that is given to you from the site.  Of course, it does cost money to make the call, but it will be worth it for sure!

After you are connected, you input your pal’s phone number, and the system calls the number.  You can hear everything that is happening, so when your buddy answers, you press the # key on your phone to begin the recording.  The fun phone call wind ups then play, and you can hear it all without your buddy ever knowing you are on the line.

You will be rolling on the floor in laughter hearing your buddy trying to talk his way out of some of these fun phone call wind ups!  You can choose some very funny adult sexy ones, such as a woman accusing your buddy of getting her pregnant (let’s hear him talk his way out of that!).  There is one call that appears to be made from a porn monitoring company that accuses your pal of watching porn on his computer.

Other fun phone call wind ups include a call from a sexual disease clinic, informing your friend that he has possibly contracted some nasty thing from a girl who gave them his name.  You will be laughing so hard you will cry listening to his protests.  Another of the fun phone call wind ups actually is a poll asking your buddy about his favorite sex positions!  Does he like doggy style?  You’ll find out.

Each of these fun phone call wind ups lasts from four to five minutes, and when either you or your pal hangs up the call is done.  He will never hear you or know you are behind his discomfort.  You can choose to tell him at some later date that you were behind his fun phone call wind ups or not.  If you don’t tell, he will never know.

You simply can’t beat the fun phone call wind ups found on this site.  They are hilarious.  You never have to worry about giving yourself away again when you want to prank a pal.  Go to the site and give their fun phone call wind ups a try today.  You will laugh until you cry.

Sexual fone pranks are always fun. Remember when you had been leading a man on from the neighbourhood by talking dirty with him? Well now you do not have to do the same yourself and can instead sit back and enjoy the fun with fone pranks found online. is a famous website which offers to send fone pranks to the number you want and dirty fone pranks at that. Fone pranks like  ‘Want a little hot tub party?’ and similarly pre-recorded conversations are at your disposal once you enlist yourself at the website.

Fone pranks are fun when you are the mood to act silly on your own or with a group. How many times have you got together with your friends suggested the idea of fone pranks? The advantage of picking up fone pranks from the website service gives you an element of spontaneous fun. Trust us when we say loads of people adult or otherwise take pleasure doing fone pranks.

The ridiculous perception about fone pranks being only for the kids is held by many. You will be surprised to know how many adults rely on fone pranks to have a little fun.  Send few dirty fone pranks your boyfriend’s way and see if he tells you about them. Chances are he might be waiting for more thinking its a woman calling him lusting after him. You can also play the game of sending sexual fone pranks to a girlfriend and freak her out with sultry voice asking her to show herself naked. Fone pranks sexual in nature have more element to them and are likely to be taken more seriously.

Fone pranks both, in men and women’s voices are recorded and placed on the  website. You choose as many as you want and send them out to different number from your contact list. This is one foolproof way of no one knowing who sent them a prank. Also, most pranks have been recorded in the format of coversations, so the person you send the fone pranks to wont realize that it is a pre recorded message.

Fone pranks are a great way to have fun on a daily basis and can be remembered always. Since loads of you may not have tried the concept before, you may be a little skeptical. We suggest you try sending  fone pranks to your fone to check the service out or to a family member.

The idea of pre-recorded messages used as fone pranks is not new but then a joke well executed can be as hilarious as a real person cracking one.Check out the website service we have listed and you will want to have a little fun with not just a couple of jokes but many more.

You will see that the quality as well as the variety of pre-recorded fone pranks is amazing along with the concept of introducing humor via a conversation. There is no doubt you will be laughing a long time with few prank calls sent out to your friends