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Prank calling is one of the best ways to pull a great joke on your friends! Many people use prank calling to get laughs and chocks out of their friends because now you can use mobile phones to get the job done! Most people choose online soundboards to deliver their prank calls so that they can really get away with winding their friends up. There are a lot of ways you can use online crank call soundboards to make prank calls-even to your friends’ mobile phones!

Prank calling happens when your friend picks up their phone and hears something they never expected! You can find prank calling soundboards in various funny voices, celebrity impersonation voices, sound effects, and themes. Once you choose the right phone prank to pull on your friend, you simply put in their number and listen in live as the prank happens.

One of the great things about using online soundboards for prank calling is that your friend will never know who’s behind the joke until you tell them. All they’ll know is that they received the funniest call they’ve ever had!

Prank calling is by far the funniest and sneakiest way to get a great laugh out of your friends anytime you want. There are many prank calling styles you can choose from, so it’s easy to find the perfect voice or phrases that will really wind up anyone you call. Once you’ve pulled off your prank call with success, you’ll get to reveal yourself whenever
you want- or keep it a secret forever! Because you get to listen in live to the prank call, you’ll know exactly what happened and will get to join in the laughs.