Online Prank Call

Everyone loves a prank call!  It is just hilarious to make a prank call to a friend, but the real problem is getting through the call without giving it away by laughing.  It is almost impossible not to laugh when you hear your friend stammering or getting mad.  This little problem can be easily solved by making an online prank call instead.  An online prank call is one that is actually a recording that calls your friend and winds him up while you get to listen in on it.

An adult sex online prank call is one of the funniest you can pull.  There is a website called that has the best collection of prank calls anywhere.  Making an adult sex online prank call from this site will fool your pal completely and leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Here is how the online prank call works:  you go to the site and choose from one of their huge collection of online prank calls.  When you have found just the right one, you call a number that is given to you on the site.  Of course, there is a nominal charge for the call.  Then you put in your friend’s phone number.  You are listening in, and when your pal answers his phone, you press the # key on your phone to begin the recording.

After this, the online prank call begins.  You will be able to hear everything that is said, but your pal never knows you are there or that you are the one who has called him.  You can laugh your head off and he will never know a thing.  You can let him in on the joke sometime if you want, but otherwise he will never know who did it.

Some of the raunchy ones you can choose from include one that features a woman telling your pal that he has made her pregnant, complete with crying.  Listen as he tries to get out of that one!  You can also choose a call from a porn monitoring company that accuses him of watching porn on his computer.  These are just two of the adult sexual online prank call selection available to you to choose from.  Each online prank call is funnier than the next.

These calls have been selected over years by professionals to be the funniest and most realistic you can find anywhere.  The online prank call ends when either you or your pal hangs up.  He will never know that you are listening to everything.  You can laugh until you cry and he will never hear you doing it.

When you just can’t be as funny as you wish you could be, or when it is just impossible to get through a prank call without giving yourself away by laughing, these funny, crazy and adult prank calls will be just the ticket for you.  Go check out the site and let the fun begin!