Naughty Joke Calls

Thinking about making some naughty joke calls to few friends? Well, you do not have to think twice any longer. Lot of times, you may have spent an hour over the context of the joke and who will make it. Instead now, you can simple make joke calls using a pre-recorded service. Take your pick from among the joke calls and choose a friend number to receive it.

The advantage of making naughty calls is that you have no way of being found out. Think about your married male friend receiving a call at work from a sultry woman’s voice. Can you imagine his face? Better yet at a conference? Naughty joke calls today are quite adult rated and can pan out from anything like ’Hello there, why keep me waiting here in the washroom cubicle, all naked? Come here fast and we can have a little fun?’.

You have a wide variety of naughty joke calls ranging from flirty to absolutely explicit wordings. You can choose male voice recorded joke calls or those in a woman’s voice. The best aspect of making these joke calls is that they will not leave any trace of you and you can keep your friend in surprise till the day you decide to tell him.

Naughty joke calls are recorded just like any joke calls and the person on the receiving end won’t know it is pre-recorded. Fortunately these naughty joke calls can be made at any time of the day by simply logging on a website providing them. Most joke calls service providers require you to buy a membership of a nominal amount or pay for each joke. is a website that provides you with various joke calls. Compared to a night of fun or a moment shared with friends the cost is hardly anything. If you have a lady friend, choose a funny joke like ‘Hey Lady, want to meet me again at the bar tonight? Last night was fun’

Most people go in to a state of shock after hearing a sexually charged message. Also, if there is any truth to their naughty pleasures, joke calls may just set them hyperventilating. Websites or services that provide naughty joke calls are making it a point to stir clear of any run of the mill jokes. The novelty is in something new and surprising and before you know, you might be enjoying hearing these joke calls yourself.

If you are having a party at your place, you can think about making these joke calls to quite a few people present there as a surprise element. For a wife or husband, this might be a great way to test each other’s loyalty. Send a couple of joke calls to your husband and observe his face. You may not get over the fun you had doing this for a lifetime.

Jokes should not be hard to crack and so is understood by websites providing joke calls.  Pick a dear friend’s number and have a little erotic fun at their expense.