Brevity is soul of wit you would have heard of this anecdote a million times and it is true that some of the best jokes I have heard were one liner all the best quips, come backs, wise cracks are most effective when they are short  and too the point. So one fine day some one decided to write joke line as jokeline so from here on ward we are going to refer to it as jokeline.


So what exactly is a jokeline? According to me it refers to a short incident or a story that will entertain and make people happy. So jokeline is widely considered as a party trick, that people who are actually good at it use to attract attention and if they are really nice to entertain others when party is a real bore. Jokeline come in many different variety and sizes, you can also modify them according to your need or requirement.


Just another day I heard a great jokeline, “there were three friends’ Tom, Dick and Harry do not take dick for the other one it was the name of person so all three of them went to a bar to have a drink while drinking they learned that there is a raffle taking place to help a charity, since it was for a charity all three bought tickets, when draw was made all three won prizes; Tom won the first prize a year’s supply of noodles, Dick won the second price a six month supply of spaghetti and Harry won eighth price a bathroom brush. After some days they met again for a drink and asked each other about their gifts. Tom said “oh I love noodles I am absolutely loving them” Dick said “oh I love spaghetti I am having a great time” Harry said “it hurts I guess I will revert to toilet paper”.


Well I do not why some people find this jokeline offensive since it has nothing that is racially discriminating or abuses fair gender or any such insinuation on the rights of any special groups like gays or Jews. Well then there are jokeline that are culture bound and you need to understand the culture in order to under stand the joke. Because each culture has its own lines of thought that can not translate very well.


For instance there was this Indian boy who came from this small village some where in south India, he went to live with his uncle in U.S.A. now before going any further you need to understand some back ground about this region it lies in the delta of one of the great rivers with an un pronounce able name. they dig these small wells to get water which are really shallow like only couple of feet deep so one days his uncle was sitting with his friends and asked his nephew to bring a glass of water he went in finding no place to dig well he got a glass of water from commode