Joke Telephone Numbers

Making prank phone calls to friend can be a really funny thing to do.  The problem is that, usually, it is nearly impossible not to give yourself away because you just have to laugh. The entire situation is just so funny that you cannot not laugh, and the minute that you do, and then your friend knows what is going on.  What you may need is to use joke telephone numbers to allow you to pull the perfect phone prank on your friends.

Websites have been providing joke telephone numbers to pull pranks for years, but no website can compete with for the best jokes available.  This site got some real wind-ups for you, especially if you like some adult sex situations pulled on your friends!  Their adult sexual joke telephone numbers are just the best.

This site has sorted through the many jokes that are available and created a great collection of the best in adult sex joke telephone numbers. Of course they do charge you a small amount of money for the call.  But it is well worth it to hear your friend panic at the prank call.

Once you select which of the joke telephone numbers you want to use, you will be able to listen to whatever is going on when your friend gets the call. Most of the jokes that are available here have been chosen by professionals and the way that they are made is so creative that your friend will never suspect anything unless you decide to tell him the truth someday.

The joke telephone numbers include ones where a woman calls and tells your friend that he has made her pregnant and includes crying.  You can also choose a joke telephone number where a supposed doctor from a sexual disease clinic calls to tell your friend that one of his women gotten a nasty disease and to find out if he is having any symptoms.  There are many more somewhat raunchy ones to choose from, each one more hilarious than the last.

The way that these joke telephone numbers work is that you go to the website and choose from the many possibilities.  Then you call one of the joke telephone numbers provided and input your friend’s phone number.  The system then dials your friend.  You are listening and when he answers, you push the # button on your phone.  This begins the recorded prank call.

You get to listen to everything that is said but never can your friend hears you.  There is no way for him to know it is you.  When either you or your friend hangs up from the call, it is ended.  Most calls last between four and five minutes.  These joke telephone numbers are simply so realistic that your friend will be left wondering and worrying about the call for days.

You cannot find better adult sex joke telephone numbers anywhere.  You will just love this service and will want to use it over and over again.