Hilarious Prank Calls

Dirty hilarious prank calls are the best ever. If you have an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you can pay them a visit with dirty hilarious prank calls without them even knowing it was you. Heard about    Wind-up-your-friends.co.uk? Well, if you haven’t, you are not aware enough.

This is your chance to spice up your party with a few hilarious prank calls. There is not a person in this world who does not like hilarious prank calls. We have all at some point or the other in our life made hilarious prank calls. Since  we have moved away from them ever since we grew in to adults, it is about time everyone tried it again. Only this time, it would be sexual hilarious prank calls.

Your ex boyfriend might have been a lover boy and since you know how he would stay up to talk to a sexy girl, choose a couple of hilarious prank calls from this service to surprise him in a day. How much fun can it be to be talking to a pre recorded message? Well, but he does not know it, does he? The latter is the best part of hilarious prank calls from the service as well as the fact that you can have a little fun at your ex boyfriend’s expense and not be caught up for it.

Hilarious prank calls can be fun if you are having a slumber party. Choose your neighbors just like you used you in your childhood and you can have a little harmless fun. Is the old chap in your neighborhood  perverted? He sure will appreciate few dirty hilarious prank calls from a sultry voice asking him to a few things. You may choose anything as outrageous as ‘Get naked for me’ to be told to him and be followed in coversation with ‘ I want you to undress me now’.

Trust us when we say you will enjoy looking at his face in the morning. But, the best aspect of any hilarious prank calls is if you can look at the person’s face while they are being receiving the call. Hence, ask a friend to send a few hilarious prank calls to your teacher’s cell phone or ex boy friend’s when they are talking to you. You wont be able to detain them even if you want to. Hilarious prank calls are harmless. To add a little humor to your life, this service of erotic hilarious prank calls helps you enjoy an occassion having a blast. Cousins gotten together or girlfriends having a little fun will always be cherished with well executed hilarious prank calls.

Don’t let yourself shy away from hilarious prank calls when you have the disposal of so many pre recorded ones available to you. You may not use the service every day or once a week but when you do get together with your friends, buy few hilarious prank calls to be delivered to whoever has been making your life miserable. Before the service is known to many, use the pre-recorded messages to crack a joke on someone you do not like at all.