Funny Phone Calls

When you get together with your friends, most of the times you get drunk and get in to the mood to do something silly. Well, rather than regret being silly in the morning, make sure you have a little fun covering your steps. For adult men and women, you can’t really have fun with child like jokes or prank calls. Before you would know it, you will be hearing the phone slam down. brings you adult funny phone calls which will help you get even with friends or bosses or even someone you don’t like at all.

Funny phone calls especially those sexual in nature are more prominently remebered always. Therefore, when at a bar or table with your friend targeting someone you don’t like, choose a nasty sexual message or one that totally surprises them. Something like ‘I am pregnant with your child thanks to your filthy ****’ may be cliche but then it wont lose having the desired effect ever on anyone from the male fraternity. This might be a great weapon if you know a mean boss of yours does cheat on his wife. You may find him a little haggard looking the next day morning and might be able to get your promotion in when he is off his kilter.

Funny phone calls may help you even make friends. It can be a great way to start a relationship or spark a friendship. An erotic funny phone call at that can lead to a little fun in the bedroom. When on a date you can send a couple of erotic funny phone calls to get your date in to the mood and then take him home.

The thing about funny phone calls is that they can help lighten your mood after a hectic day. Have a few laughs and you will feel much better at the end of the day. Think a landlord is pestering you for rent? Next time he visits you, fire away at the funny phone calls to see his face react when in front of you.

Humor is rare these days with the stress and fast paced lives. Funny phone calls might sound immature but then there are times you will also appreciate them as well. Think about using funny phone calls to wake up few friends at night. Think your friend needs a little sorting out? Use funny phone calls from to give you a little help on the matter.

Funny phone calls highly sexual in nature might leave a friend anticipating a phone from the deep timber voiced male for a few days. It is up to you for how long you want to keep her in the dark. You may also add an additional joke to the fact asking if the same guy called you and her in the same week. All we can do is suggest you have a little fun with funny phone calls by enlisting yourself with the website. Go through their recorded funny phone calls and you won’t be able to resist.