Fun Phone Call Wind Ups

Playing pranks on your pals are a fun thing to do, right?  Not much is better than playing a good, raunchy prank on one of your friends and watching them sweat.  The problem is that, especially when it comes to phone pranks, it is hard to pull them off.  You probably are going to end up bursting out laughing before you can get through the prank.  There is a website that can help you with some fun phone call wind ups that you can pull on your pals.

The site is and they have a large collection of fun phone call wind ups that you can choose from to fool your friends.  What you do is to go to the site and look around.  You have many pranks to choose from.  Once you have picked one out, you call the number that is given to you from the site.  Of course, it does cost money to make the call, but it will be worth it for sure!

After you are connected, you input your pal’s phone number, and the system calls the number.  You can hear everything that is happening, so when your buddy answers, you press the # key on your phone to begin the recording.  The fun phone call wind ups then play, and you can hear it all without your buddy ever knowing you are on the line.

You will be rolling on the floor in laughter hearing your buddy trying to talk his way out of some of these fun phone call wind ups!  You can choose some very funny adult sexy ones, such as a woman accusing your buddy of getting her pregnant (let’s hear him talk his way out of that!).  There is one call that appears to be made from a porn monitoring company that accuses your pal of watching porn on his computer.

Other fun phone call wind ups include a call from a sexual disease clinic, informing your friend that he has possibly contracted some nasty thing from a girl who gave them his name.  You will be laughing so hard you will cry listening to his protests.  Another of the fun phone call wind ups actually is a poll asking your buddy about his favorite sex positions!  Does he like doggy style?  You’ll find out.

Each of these fun phone call wind ups lasts from four to five minutes, and when either you or your pal hangs up the call is done.  He will never hear you or know you are behind his discomfort.  You can choose to tell him at some later date that you were behind his fun phone call wind ups or not.  If you don’t tell, he will never know.

You simply can’t beat the fun phone call wind ups found on this site.  They are hilarious.  You never have to worry about giving yourself away again when you want to prank a pal.  Go to the site and give their fun phone call wind ups a try today.  You will laugh until you cry.