Fone Pranks

Sexual fone pranks are always fun. Remember when you had been leading a man on from the neighbourhood by talking dirty with him? Well now you do not have to do the same yourself and can instead sit back and enjoy the fun with fone pranks found online. is a famous website which offers to send fone pranks to the number you want and dirty fone pranks at that. Fone pranks like  ‘Want a little hot tub party?’ and similarly pre-recorded conversations are at your disposal once you enlist yourself at the website.

Fone pranks are fun when you are the mood to act silly on your own or with a group. How many times have you got together with your friends suggested the idea of fone pranks? The advantage of picking up fone pranks from the website service gives you an element of spontaneous fun. Trust us when we say loads of people adult or otherwise take pleasure doing fone pranks.

The ridiculous perception about fone pranks being only for the kids is held by many. You will be surprised to know how many adults rely on fone pranks to have a little fun.  Send few dirty fone pranks your boyfriend’s way and see if he tells you about them. Chances are he might be waiting for more thinking its a woman calling him lusting after him. You can also play the game of sending sexual fone pranks to a girlfriend and freak her out with sultry voice asking her to show herself naked. Fone pranks sexual in nature have more element to them and are likely to be taken more seriously.

Fone pranks both, in men and women’s voices are recorded and placed on the  website. You choose as many as you want and send them out to different number from your contact list. This is one foolproof way of no one knowing who sent them a prank. Also, most pranks have been recorded in the format of coversations, so the person you send the fone pranks to wont realize that it is a pre recorded message.

Fone pranks are a great way to have fun on a daily basis and can be remembered always. Since loads of you may not have tried the concept before, you may be a little skeptical. We suggest you try sending  fone pranks to your fone to check the service out or to a family member.

The idea of pre-recorded messages used as fone pranks is not new but then a joke well executed can be as hilarious as a real person cracking one.Check out the website service we have listed and you will want to have a little fun with not just a couple of jokes but many more.

You will see that the quality as well as the variety of pre-recorded fone pranks is amazing along with the concept of introducing humor via a conversation. There is no doubt you will be laughing a long time with few prank calls sent out to your friends