Crank Phone Calls

Is a birthday any fun without a joke, we think not. This birthday add a little more fun to your friend’s party using before he/she cuts the cake. If you are having a celebration between close friends, it becomes an even better opportunity to send a few crank phone calls to your friend on her/her birthday so that you can see his/her reaction and break the news later.

If you want to create a bigger impression with your friend, make sure you send a few electrifying sexual messages. If you can’t manage it, use the service to browse through their directories to find few the crank phone calls suited to your friend. Well, we can guarantee you will pick more than just a couple.

Crank phone calls are hard to resist. If  you have a mind to have some silly fun on a night with all your friends, we have a collection here to make it your night. Humor is everybody friend and hardly does any harm if you decide to have a little fun. If you are a few friends at the party, target a couple of friends together and you can all have a laugh the next day morning. Think about a male friend of your’s lusting over a woman who called him in the middle of the night. Want an ex boyfriend to get slapped by his new flame, choose a sultry pre-recorded message to be delivered to her phone talking about his sexual prowess in bed.

Crank phone calls are not just for the younger age group and can be enjoyed by some elder people as well. Adult jokes suited to people in their 30s and above are also on the site. Gyms and dancing classes might help you lower your frustration but then we recommend a little crank phone calls therapy. Most people underrate the power of humor and if you haven’t tried few crank calls to prove us wrong, you have’t understood what we are tyring to say.

A service which offers pre-recorded crank phone calls is a boon in today world. Forget about thinking twice before you use this service. Neither do you have to think about the idea or the execution. Just go through the website listings of the jokes and you can sit back and have a laugh.

Crank phone calls are unexpected by most and hence, you have an opportunity to take most of your friends by surprise. The service is already popular and if you think a friend is unaware of it, use the opportunity to send few sexed up crank phone calls his/her way.

You have the light flirty category and also, totally blatantly explicit sounding crank phone calls. Think about your friend listening to a sexy voiced male ask her about ‘what you is wearing’  and ‘could you take it off for me?’ This crank phone calls service gives you complete advantage and you can go rest assured through life without revealing the joke.