Adele and Lily Allen Prank Calls

Adele and Lily Allen love prank calling other musicians by pretending to be little boys.

The two stars both have a wicked sense of humour and enjoy making people
squirm. Their favourite trick is to dial other celebrities in the music business
late at night and put on strange voices, which Adele revealed Lily is
surprisingly good at. Unfortunately, Lily is also good at heaping all the blame
on Adele.

“Lily can’t ever keep quiet and tells everyone it’s me who leads her on to do
them. It’s not me it’s her, she is so naughty,” Adele laughed.

“We have called [singer-songwriter] Sam Sparro and pranked him. It was late
and I was drunk. I don’t remember a lot of it. Lily does a very good
impersonation of an eight-year-old boy. Mine isn’t so good.”

The two stars chose to pretend to be a little boy because they knew it would
be disconcerting. People never expect someone so young to be calling them at
night and usually have no idea how to handle the problem.

Adele added the pair usually end up giving themselves away because they can’t
keep straight faces for long.

“People get concerned when a child is on the phone but they soon realise it’s
a joke. Usually because we both keep giggling,” she added to British newspaper
The Sun.