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Wind up your friends with our amazing prank joke phone calls. Choose from a range of jokes and wind ups! Just one of the many phone services from Prank Calls To Wind Up Your Friends!

with our unique  Joke-line service


Here’s what you do simply call our Joke-line on the number shown and listen to our list of fantastic “wind-up” topics.Follow the easy step by step instructions and have the best laugh ever as your mate receives the call from our service – you hear all that’s said – but they can’t hear you!!  no matter how loud you laugh !!

Its the craziest way to get one over on your friend.

Try it out right now you’ll “howl yourself wet with laughing”

Now call the number below to select your “wind-up” topic follow the instructions and have the biggest laugh at your mate’s reactions to the call from our service.

Remember you can hear him!! – but He can’t hear you !!!

And now you can put it through to a mobile phone!

Prank phone calls and wind up jokes from Prank Calls To Wind Up Your Friends.

A prank calls, wind up calls, phone prank  joke calls, prank phone call or a crank call is a form of practical joke  committed over the telephone.

Prank calls, wind up calls, phone prank  joke calls, prank phone call or a crank calls are generally done for the  amusement of the pranksters themselves.

Interactive prank calls, wind up  calls, phone prank joke calls, prank phone call, crank calls and windups you can  play on your friends and enemies. Secretly listen and hear them scream at these  amazing crank calls.

Prank Joke Phone Calls. Wind Up Jokes for the UK!